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    ProtectionPilot services not starting SBS2003

      We just picked up a client that is running ProtectionPilot 1.1.0 on a SBS 2003 standard server. It's always fun picking up the pieces.

      Anyway, I have just about all the bugs worked out but am still getting an error message at startup saying that one or more services didn't start etc...

      Event view is saying:
      The McAfee ProtectionPilot 1.1.0 Server service depends on the McAfee ProtectionPilot 1.1.0 Event Parser service which failed to start because of the following error:
      The operation completed successfully.

      In services I see 3 services listed for ProtectionPilot
      1- McAfee Framework Service
      2- McAfee ProtectionPilot 1.1.0 Event Parser
      3- McAfee ProtectionPilot 1.1.0 Server

      both 2 and 3 aren't started. If I attempt to start the event parser it says the service has started and then stopped. some services stop automatically...

      If I try to start the Server services it says it cannot start the service on the local computer error 1068: the dependency service or group failed to start

      Any help would be appreciated.