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    ESM High Available


      Hi All,


      Do you have any documents and ideas about ESM high available and how to configure? I didn't see anything about this on McAfee. Don't know about ESM standalone or HA or Combo... and how it works!




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          ESM Redundancy can be configured under System Properties | Backup and Restore | Redundancy. Enter the IP(s) of the other ESMs and indicate which should be primary. Do this on each ESM and they will start synchronizing. This is documented on page 180 of the 9.5 Product Guide. ESM Redundancy is only supported to standalone ESMs.



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            Thanks Andy!



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              Hi Andy,


              Please help me to understand ESM HA concept - after configuring ESM in HA (after finalization) when I log into secondary ESM it show me the message that its a redundant ESM do not make any changes as it will be over right by the primary ESM.

              what I want to understand -

              1> How the secondary will become primary as I tested if I switch off the Primary ESM - Secondary still show the same message which should not be the case as Primary is no more available.

              2> Since clustering IP is not the concept in ESM HA configuration - How the receivers will send logs to secondary ESM in case of Primary failure as they were connected to Primary ESM IP.