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    Accidentally Quarantined


      First off, hello everyone. I hope your day is going well.


      Second, I have a bit of a problem and I just cannot find a way to fix it. I've tried looking for the answer and I haven't found any, so I'm hoping I can find an answer here. The other day, McAfee quarantined a file as I was downloading a program, I did not think much of it because I figured I could always get that file back out if I actually needed it or I could just delete it later if it actually posed a threat. I was multi-tasking so I did not get to actually installing the program until today and it turns out, I need that file. So, I opened McAfee and went to the navigation pane, scrolled down to Quarantined and Trusted Items and clicked it, I clicked the expand button on the Quarantined Items and waited.... And waited. And waited. I'm actually still waiting as I write this out. It is not loading.


      Looking online, I found the file location for the quarantine items and was able to find the file, yay! Except, not yay because it is in a zip file and I apparently cannot extract it without a password. I turned off Access on McAfee, I still can't extract it without a password. I tried my passwords, no dice. I tried no password, zilch.


      I am running Windows 10 on a Samsung laptop, it's around 2 years old. I am also the ONLY user and administrator on this computer.


      I really need this file, Please help.