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    Factory reset for MWG 5000 (7.5.2)


      Hello guys,

        may I ask for the way how-to revert appliance to factory reset?

      When I'm trying  "mwg-wizard  --full  -reset" is command complaining about wrong parameters.


      As I can see from help this option is not available at all (not sure if this is news update in 7.5.2).


      /usr/libexec/mwg-config/mwg-wizard --help

      Usage: mwg-wizard [options]

                                                         -d, --debug                      debug mode

                                                         -h, --help                       this help

                                                         -s, --show                       show current storage

                                                         -i, --initial                    show initial global configuration folder

                                                         -p, --personal                   show personal global configuration folder

                                                         --uuid                       let mwg-wizard create the global config UUID folder

                                                         --sys                        let mwg-wizard copy the systemfiles

                                                         --create-default-config      create factory default configuration in   "default/initial"



      Is some another way how to do it?


      Many thanks.