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    ESM Login Error




      I am new to McAfee ESM.

      I am getting the below error when logged in to ESM.


      Error communicating with the ESM. The server may be down or very busy. (ER1008)



      Can somebody help me what could be the problem ? Thanks in advance.

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          Have you been able to log in before?

          Recent changes?

          Account issues?

          There have been some bugs with ESM log in hanging, sorry no official report or write up, supposedly fixed in 9.5.1 but again, nothing official.

          I've seen this pop up when disk/folder space is being impacted.


          If first three check OK, it may be time to open an SR

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            There quite a few reasons for this. Presuming this is an up to date system, and you've been able to log on before,  use putty, to open an SSH session, and log on as root. at the prompt do the following to get more information:

            1. tailf /var/log/messages
              • Review tthe output to look to see whats going on


            Check database health:

            1. Cd /usr/local/ess/data
            2. DBCheck -d ngcp.dfl -c | grep not
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              I will definitely try the above and come with output.


              We are using version 9.5. I was able to login before. I am sure that no changes made to my account. When i checked today, I am getting the below error


              The console is currently unavailable because the database is rebuilding on the ESM.  This process may take several hours.



              Thanks for your valuable replies.

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                Hi Nalluri4


                On which MR are you currently. We had an issue on 9.5.0 MR5 (bug) which caused the ESM to rebuilt every week. Since the upgrade to MR8 this has been resolved.




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                  We are at 9.5.0 MR2

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                    Our ESM is up now..not sure what went wrong. Samw time, we lost NGCP password and raised a request to McAFee to reset. Would that effect our current environment ?

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                      Hi Nalluri


                      I would recommend that you upgrade to MR8. A lot of bugs have been addressed since MR2.

                      Needless to say make sure you follow all the health check steps and upgrade procedure.




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                        Hi Japie,


                        Much appreciate your response. Do you have any document which explains upgrade procedure?. As i said, I am new to this. Thanks in advance.

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                          Hi Nalluri4


                          When you login at https://support.mcafee.com to download the new image for upgrade with your grant number

                          Please see the PDF documents in that section they cover the upgrade sequence etc.


                          There use to be a document on this site " ESM Health Check List"  Search in the document section.



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