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    delete acknowledged fault


      I don't know if this behavior is by design, but I don't remember it being an issue in NSM 8.1.  We've recently migrated to a new 8.2 NSM instance and I cannot delete a fault if it has been acknowledged--even if I was the one that acknowledged it.  I must unacknowledge it and then I can delete it.  Is this normal?  If so, can the behavior be changed?

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          Hi Alan,


          Which version of 8.2 are you on?


          Were the alerts you have acknowledged created on the server where you are trying to delete them? Or are you deleting them from a central manager?


          I have tested this on V8.2.7.25 and v8. and I do not have this issue. I can acknowledge alerts and then delete them without having to acknowledge them first.


          I hope to have some of my test servers upgraded to later today or tomorrow and will test it on that version too.



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            We're on  A bit of extra info, the user activity log seems to think my deletes are successful:

            System Fault Deletion     Success     Deleted system fault types "Link failure of Port: 11A, Link failure of Port: 11B".

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              It's a known issue, resolved at manager hotfix version  As hotfixes are only available from support (this should exist in the next public MR release as well), open a support ticket or call into the support queue, and mention this bug # to get a copy of the hotfix:


              1098216 Unable to delete acknowledged faults in the System Faults page.