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    Updating agent and vse


      Hi Guys


      Can somebody advise what is the correct way to roll out new versions of the agent and vse ?


      Should this run automatically if the software is checked in as the current branch ?


      I have some systems that are running v4 of the agent and would like to update these to run on v5, what is the correct way to do this ?


      Kind Regards

      Mr Dalek

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          there are different solutions for this. We do it this way, if the clients are online/reachable:

          - Check in newest Agent

          - Roll-out via ePO from the system-tree

          - Mark the clients -> action -> agent -> deploy


          If we are in the situation, that many clients are not online/reachable (for larger infrastructures):

          - Use of an "Assigned Client Tasks"

          -> Product deployment task -> McAfee Agent 5.x (install) -> schedule (immediately or at system startup)

          - If the rollout is completet, we disable the task


          That's it.




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            A new agent is always a deployment as Daniel identified above. So you push it out with deploy agent or create a product deployment client task

            For VSE, if going from 8.7 to 8.8 it is a deployment also with a product deployment client task. If doing a patch update, then you need an product update client task that identifies VSE as a package to update and schedule it to run. You could also just update your dat update task to include updating VSE


            If you use the product deployment functionality (under software)  in ePO 5.x, you can mark your deployment to run continuously and update your products as they come in.