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    MVT Fails to run.

    Steve Chmiewliski

      Hello all


      I have checked in the following





      I have configured the policies (even tried just using the default supplied policy)

      Deployment to and endpoint is successful and I can see MVT installed.

      I then send a client task, all looks good but no report is generated. If I run MVT from the endpoint I get an error "Unable to reach application server. Please connect to internet and try again" Well I'm connected fine here.

      If I go to https://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/en-us/downloadindex.html

      I click the install button, Then click Run, I get the following error


      Microsoft JScript runtime error "800a01a8"

      Object required

      /mvt/InstallerError.asp, line 118


      Any ideas?




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          had the same problem i resolved the issue by openeing the  mcafee security centre main page > help page >mcafee support website> trouble shoot and repair>get started and was able to down load mvt

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            1. 1. Click Start > Programs > McAfee > McAfee Virtual Technician. The "Initializing" page appears followed by the "Welcome" page
            2. 2. Click Next. After McAfee Virtual Technician finishes checking your computer, you'll see the "Result" page appears. The "AutoFix" option is selected by default
            3. 3. Click Next to fix problems detected by McAfee Virtual Technician. Alternatively, you can selectGet More Detail and click Next. The "Resolving issues" page appears followed by a page that displays the details of what can or cannot be fixed
            4. 4. Click Fix Checked or Fix Alll depending on what you want to fix. The next screen tells you what could be fixed and what couldn't
            5. 5. Click Yes or No for additional technical support as required, then click Continue