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    Windows Firewall - Detect OS version


      Hi Guys


      I am having issues detecting os versions, wonder if anybody can shed any light on this ?


      If the windows firewall is disabled i have no problems at all, if it is enabled with the ports that are configured at install (shown below) then my tags for os version do not work.

      I have the following ports opened via a group policy

      agent-server communication port

      agent-server communication secure port

      agent wake-up communication port

      agent broadcast communication port

      console-to-application server communication port

      client-to-server authenticated communication port

      i have also disabled microsoft defender via group policy

      My question is what other additonal ports should i have open in windows firewall to both allow me to detect the os correctly ?

      My issues are with windows pc's running 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 with the windows firewall on but with the above ports open.

      Kind Regards

      Mr Dalek