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    Epolicy Orchestrator for ESXi


      Does Policy Orchestrator have any options for agentless scans?  Or anything suited for the Data Center. Right now we are using Epolicy Orchestrator on our VM's.  The mcshield.exe processing seems to bog down the VM's when it runs for no apparent reason. Other products let you install on the ESXi box and then do the scans and search for Virus's from there.

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          McAfee MOVE.  It's a separate license from VSE, however, so you would need to purchase it separately. 


          We're looking at running MOVE in a VDI environment, but we've had no issues running the traditional VSE client on our server VMs in the datacenter.  You may want to look into some other issues.  How many vCPUs do you have assigned to your servers?  Is an On-Demand Scan running when you're seeing these performance hits?