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    On-Access Default Processes Policy- ExclusionVERY unreponsive with 10 items+

      Hi there

      I am currently implementing EPO 4.0 for a client. When i add exlusions for On-Access Default Processes Policies, with more than 10 items, the page gets more and more unresponsive with the more items i add. It gets to a stage where it takes upwards of 20 seconds to register test entry into the 'Pattern' folder path field.

      The computer viewing the EPO console in its web browser also has a near fit and processor usage goes up to 100% while it is freezing until it comes back into life after 20 or so seconds. iexplore.exe is causing the high processor usage. this happens with IE6 and IE7. Mozilla Firefox2 fails to even load up the exlusions list dispite having java installed

      Is this going to be resolved in the next patch?


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