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    Unable to Install Live Safe on 10.11.1


      I have tried four times to install and it hangs repeatedly at Phase one.  I have Time Machine turned off.  I have called technical support and they were useless.  I have already fired one security company today.  It is beginning to look like I may be firing another before the day is out.  I have to do real work and do not have time to play around with this.  Does anyone have any idea as to how to get this installed?

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                           Hopefully soon some one with more expertize will address your issues. As Myself and other Mods do not utilize Mac Products, I apologize for being incapable to assist you. However I will ping an Enterprise Moderator whom is most capable of offering his assistance.


                            Being geographically located , will depend on  how soon he can respond. If you can possibly 'Direct Message' him, Artfulbodger's Blog Ie, Richard Carpenter may be more expedient.


                                 Having said this, I have pinged him to assist you at his earliest assistance.

                                 To further assist you please see:Artfulbodger


          Wishing you all the very Best,



          Volunteer Community Moderator

          (Consumer Products)

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            Richard Carpenter

            Hi tiredinfl


            Sorry for the delay, I just wanted to check that the package from McAfee did or did not install before I made contact.


            I have built a Clean OSX 10.11.1 machine from the AppStore recovery and have successfully installed LiveSafe. I used the McAfee-MacInstaller-3.3dmg file from the My Account download page.


            Phase 1 is the Software Compatibility Checking phase (preinstall checking), before the installer Downloads the full install set.


            Could you check the OSX logs in


            /var/log/install.log - OSX installer log

            /var/log/MasterInstaller.log - McAfee Installer log


            around the time you launched the installer for any errors, for example the error generated prior to entering the serial number looks like:


            ERROR : No Serial Number Found!

            MainWindowController: ERROR : Activations failed with error 3!


            and after the serial number is entered in the UI the following line is written:


            Activation succeeded with serialkey XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

            MainWindowController : SUCCESS : Manual activation successful!


            Kind Regards

            Richard Carpenter

            Volunteer McAfee Moderator

            Certified McAfee Product Specialist - ePO

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              Thank you Rich