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    ePO 4 = Rubbish?

      This might be a bit harsh but so far I've had nothing but problems with ePO4.

      I'm running it on a Windows 2003 R2 x64 server with the database hosted on a Win2k3 R2 x64 server running SQL 2005 SP2 x64 and to start with things worked fine. I set it up and all was going well bar a proxy server issue.

      Then a few days later I realised client were not updating and it turns out the epo4 server service was not running, and in fact it would not run anymore failing to start each time. Nothing had changed in this time...

      I spent ages trying to fix it and got no where so I decided to reinstall and start again.

      Since then I've done that and had problems updating from the internet (won't update through a proxy server as EPO4 fails to pass across the authentication details it asks you to enter in), I also find it often fails to import all computers from AD and now I can't even install McAfee AV8.5 into it as the import fails with yet another error message.

      I uninstalled it yet again, ensuring everything was cleaned up behind it and once it was all back on STILL got problems.

      Seriously this is poor and it clearly needs some work or a patch. I've been using EPO from version 3 upwards on my root domain and never had this many problems. My current epo 3.6.1 server works perfectly even if it lacks many useful features 4 has. This version 4 has the right features but too many bugs.

      Also what's the deal with the lack of x64 windows support with Windows 2003 R2?

      https://knowledge.mcafee.com/SupportSite/dynamickc.do?sliceId=SAL_Public&command =show&forward=nonthreadedKC&externalId=613714

      Come on! x64 processors have been around for years now, x64 os's along with them. How can Mcafee be so behind they don't officially support this, it's hardly new and many people would now choose to run a x64 OS over a 32bit OS, especially for servers.

      Is anyone finding any solutions to the problems with EPO4? Is there a patch? I know I'm not the only one with the proxy issue as theres another post on this forum in another section which was started before I looked and the users have the same issues I do.
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          What do you expect when you install a software on an unsupported platform ? Installing it on a supported platform will get you a smooth and running version of ePO 4.0 (with some minor bugs :-).

          Regarding the x64 bit thing. As far as my programming knowledge goes you must develpp and test a program two times (32.bit and 64-bit version). This effort imho is just not worth develpoing a 64-bit version now. The 32-bit version is efficient enough to support many thousands of clients so what would be the benefit ?

          Even other programs which run on 64-bit OS only run in emulation mode which actually makes them slower than running ion native 32-bit.
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            That's a valid point, but it's them burying their head in the sand. x64 Servers are here to stay and have been here for some time.

            The epo4 server is in a new child domain. I wanted it to be x64 from the start and as there is only 2 servers I don't want to run a special 32bit server just purely for EPO. Every other program we run has no trouble running on a x64 bit server and indeed as much of it is made by MS actually has native x64 versions.

            I just find it frustrating when companies are so slow to adapt to a changing world. McAfee have never been the quickest to start with, but considering EPO4 is their latest product and we waited a long time for it to appear the lack of x64 support would seem to be for me a major failing. It could be years before we get another major release...
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              AFAIK the next major step is planned for next year - getting the multiserver approach for ePO4.

              Also please log a case reagrding your future modifier request. If enough people need this feature they will get you a version for x64. As far as I can tell from various customers in Germany nobody uses only x64 OS versions - so your on top of the technology map :-)

              Also at least they have buidl in a special x64 scan engine in VS85 - so it seems they got a view on x64 OSs.