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    McAfee update records



      I am a paid subscriber to McAfee All-Access - Internet Security through my Windstream Internet subscription.

      I am curious if there is a file on my McAfee program that I can tell when and what type of updates I have received from McAfee since I started using the program in January 2015?

      Thanks and regards,


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          All such logs are encoded and can only make sense to Technicians if they upload them and use a special tool to read them.

          So no, there aren't any.  Sorry.

          A rough idea can be gleaned from opening the software and looking at "About", scroll down to see all components.

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            Morning Ex_Brit,


            I appreciate your information.  However, the reason for my question is I am still one of the folks who have this annoying spinning blue wheel on my McAfee taskbar icon.


            I am really trying to determine who is at fault in my case .... McAfee or Windstream?


            I pay Windstream for the McAfee protection but I am sure Windstream in turn pays McAfee for letting them offer the protection to their internet customers like myself.


            As far as I am concerned, and I am sure others like me, would like to know if their ISP .... McAfee ... or both ... are dropping the ball when it comes to correctly fixing this annoying problem.  In previous posts I have read or been told myself that McAfee has given the 'fix' to Internet Service providers and they in turn patch the program. When I called Windstream to check on this patch a tech told me he knew nothing about getting patches like the one supposedly sent to them.


            People I respect on this forum for their expertise, including yourself, have continually told others and myself that as long as the McAfee program says I am secure I have nothing to worry about.  I can live with that but what I can't live with is that either McAfee or Windstream or both don't care enough about their paid customers to get this problem fixed in a timely manner.


            If there is any way you could bring this spinning wheel to the attention of the McAfee 'powers to be' once again it would be appreciated.


            Thanks and regards,


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              That's a glitch that has been taken care of in a patch that is being released in stages.  The 3rd party providers, such as Windstream, AT&T., Dell etc. often are slower distributing it, something beyond McAfee's control unfortunately.


              The SecurityCenter build that fixes it is, I believe, 14.0.5084 followed by a further fix for other issues in build 5120.  That's all the information they gave us unfortunately.

              Everyone will get them eventually but they are still in the process of being released - these things go out in stages so any unforeseen problems can be caught before there are widespread issues.


              I wish I could be more specific but I can't.

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                Morning again Ex_Brit,


                Once again I appreciate your information and quick response.


                I have to get to Sunday services now but I appreciate you letting me 'vent' ...lol


                Have a great weekend!


                Thanks and regards,


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                  Enjoy ;-)

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                                             Colleague Ex_Brit is quite correct in saying that the fix for it is in (14.0.5084/5120). As for bringing it up during our Conference call, we have done so until we are 'Blue' in the face, if you will.


                                             We truly take to heart any issue that a User experiences ( As we also have the same issues that you bring forth) Unfortunately there is nothing more we can say/do in regards to this issue, other than hopefully it is sooner than later that you receive the Builds mentioned.


                                               As for any and all updates to Versions/Builds/Features and components. All one has to do is as Peter mentioned, check your 'About' in your McAfee Security Center. As some receive Versions and builds at different times associated with their (Affid Numbers)


                                                I personally have always kept a 'Daily' Spread sheet if you will, of my updates/New Versions/Builds etc. For instance I was updated to MSC v 13.6.1529 -Anti-Virus/Antispyware v17.6.559 on January 9/2015. (Engine Version - 2158.0.


                                                 I personally received v14.0.5084 on 10/2/2015 Affid:0 and received v14.0.5120 0n 10/14/2015.

                                                 Here is hoping you receive yours very soon.


                    All the very best,


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                      Hi catdaddy,


                      I can't help  laughing as I type this because as I am typing that 'annoying' Blue spinning wheel is still doing 'its thing' on my McAfee taskbar icon ...lol


                      Rest assured none of my posts are directed at any one on this forum.  I thank all of you and think you all go above and beyond what is expected.


                      I will just grin and bare it for the time being and we'll see what comes down the pike.


                      Have a great day and thanks again for all your attempts to explain this problem for the folks at McAfee.


                      Thanks and regards,


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                        Let's hope you get that update soon ;-)

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                          I am with you on that statement my friend ...lol


                          Thanks for all your patience and help too!


                          Thanks and regards,


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