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    EPO4 and Windows Server 2008

      I have a test lab running with EPO4 and 60+ clients....which was running just fine when sat atop of Windows server 2003 OS. I upgraded the OS to Server 2008 and now the EPO services fail to start, as they have a dependency on NtLmSsp. However, the NtLmSsp "service" has been removed from Server 2008....so how the heck would this work ? Install notes say that you can install EPO on Longhorn/2008 and cannot find any reference to any issues

      Help !
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          To be honest, they don't support running on x64 OS's and barely seem to support Win2k3 SP2 so I wouldn't hold your breath that it will work on 2008 for a while yet

          It doesn't pay to be ahead of the crowd with server products...
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            This isn't x64....this was just an inplace upgrade from 2003 to 2008 on 32 bit. Whilst I understand your sentiments about going to the latest serverOS....somebody has to do it happy
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              Best of luck with it fella, how do you find 2008? I won't consider it for a production server yet but I was going to download it from MSDN and give it a look
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                Well, I know one thing....EPO 4.0 doesn't work on it :D

                Whilst deviated from the initial post a little...I have ran it as a DC and F/P through beta times and it seems OK, but a little heavy on memory (core is much better). Install says it needs 6Gb of disk space, but don't believe it for upgrade, it needs more like 8Gb (issue when our OS partitions are only 10Gb :mad:).
                There are some nice ideas in the OS - time will tell how it holds up,, as 2003 is actually a pretty good OS, alike XP. Now if you had asked me for Vista comments, then I would rant for a while....
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                  I have to test eP 4.0 install on windows server 2008. First time I install it succeed and don't have any error after that I take snapshot back to state before I install ePO (I forget to tell you this case I test on vmware version 6.02)and I install again it complete but all mcafee services don't start.I manual start it display error 1075 the dependency service does not exist or has been marked. Anyone can tell me the right way to install ePO 4.0 on windows server 2008
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                    Yes Thitiwut, that is the same error I see when starting any of the McAfee services. If you look in depth at the errors, it is saying that it is dependant on NtLmSsp...which is no longer there !
                    I removed the dependancy requirement in each of the McAfee services, and they do actually start now, but when I get to the logon page I get a plethora of errors and I cannot login:

                    GROUPSHD6000 - Dependency EPOCore had initialization error
                    scp - Dependency EPOCore had initialization error
                    AvertAlerts - Dependency scheduler had initialization error
                    LYNXSHLDPARSER - Dependency core had initialization error
                    GSD7REPORTS - Dependency core had initialization error
                    SPAMKILR2100 - Dependency EPOCore had initialization error
                    .....and loads more !
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                      OK - done and sorted :)

                      Not sure why, but had to follow the details listed in another post to reset the SQL https://knowledge.mcafee.com/SupportSite/dynamickc.do?sliceId=SAL_Public&command =show&forward=nonthreadedKC&externalId=613911)

                      So, summing up:
                      Remove NtLmSsp from the DependOnService for each of the following from CCS\services\:

                      I am not sure if the SQL reset was needed too...but you have the link above if need be.

                      I bet this would not happen if you installed new...and this is just an upgrade of the OS underneath EPO4.0 that caused this.