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    AD Discovery not picking up all computers

      We have a computers OU that contains 12 OU's assinged to different buildings on the same campus. Each building gets its own subnet. After failing to get ePO to function picking up machines by IP correctly, I decided to use AD discovery and have been doing so for about 6 months now. When I run AD Discovery, it doesn't pick up all of the computers. It's picks up about half of a total of 1300 machines.

      I've run it immedially and also set it to run early evening after a day of tech's adding a few new machines.

      Deployment is set to run daily with no randomization and " Run this task at every policy enforcement interval." and "Run missed task" are checked.

      It picks up some machines in every area, but misses some in every area as well. Machines are all XP SP2.

      ePO is 3.6 and all managed machines report the 3.6 agent is installed.

      Any ideas why it's not picking up some machines?

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          The AD task in ePO36 is not very reliable. The have done a great step in ePO 40 in this case, so the best would be to upgrade your server if possible.
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            I was hoping to get a reply from you. Based on your posts, you're a wealth of information.

            I'm downloading 4.0 and getting approval for the upgrade, but in the interest of having a better understanding of what I'm doing, what other method could\should be used to properly pickup new machines and manage them? I currently get a lot of Lost & Founds, but still not enough to equal the amount of PC's we have in AD.

            Thanks again!

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              Picking up new machines can be done in the following ways:

              1) Manual pusk installation from the epo console
              2) AD sync task
              3) Login script
              4) software deployment

              Depending on your situation it could be that e.g. software deployment is simpler and more reliable than an AD sync task.

              To sort them into the right epo group you can configure sorting by ipaddress and/or tags.

              PS: ANd thanks for the praise wink