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    Command-line access to vsel 1.9.1


      I have installed vsel 1.9.1 on RHEL6 (with two hotfixes installed).  Due to the way the vlans are structured, and the hardening of the servers to remove unnecessary packages, I cannot use the web interface to access the vsel product.  I tried using elinks, but I received an ssl error.  If you can point me in the right direction to get elinks working, that would be a great option, too.  Then I could run that browser locally on each server. 


      I found KB73316, which lists command line commands and options for accessing vsel.  Although there is an option to list scheduled tasks


      bin/nails task --list


      there doesn't appear to be a way to *create* a scheduled task using the command line.  Is there a way I can manage vsel from the command line?