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    Trouble to relocate disk space on SIEM Mcafee


      Hey folks, good morning!


      I need so much your help on a critical trouble in SIEM Mcafee partitions relocation.


      Our Client have an environment with a Combo Box with 9.5 version and at the past someone sliced partition at the wrong way like the follow:


      CPU - Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-4620 0 @ 2.20GHz [8] (CPU Load: 25.20%)

      RAM - Avail: 16029MB, Used: 15836MB, Free: 193MB

      HDD - sda3     Size:  491GB, Used:  284GB(61%), Available:  183GB, Mount: /

      HDD - sdb1     Size:  1.5TB, Used:  198MB( 1%), Available:  1.5TB, Mount: /mnt/disk2


      The retention of events is going to SDA3 but today the maximum days of retention is 15 days. We need to know if its possible to join SDB1 to SDA3 and how OR migrate the SDA3 or DB content to SDB1.


      For now I am very grateful for your attention.