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    writing custom props into the ma.db file


      As of McAfee EPO Agent 5.x agent. The custom Props have moved to the ma.db file. I took a look a look at this file, and can not figure out how to write my own custom props to it. It appears to be mostly binary with some clear text, but a search will not reveal any text that reads "custom props" or any variation of it. I even took one from a system that had been migrated from the 4.x agent, and was known to have some custom props in it. So, EPO does indeed report these 'migrated" custom props we originally created in the registry, but I still cannot find where in the ma.db the props are coming from.


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          Once again I have answered my own question. Once you install the 5.x agent, you will have a binary called maconfig.exe. Run this from a cmd prompt as an administrator, and you will see the various commands to enter your custom porps data.

          The binary should be located in C:\Program Files\McAfee\Agent\maconfig.exe, but we have also seen it in Program Files (x86) on upgraded units.