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    MCAfee EPO 5.1 new install


      Hi all,


      I have install McAfee EPO 5.1 on Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit with Database SQL Server Express installation is completed on vmware workstation  ,

      Console is open now plz let me know what are the next steps(installation) Package required  for EPO 5.1 . share the links




      Thanks In Adv



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          that depends. If I would be in your clothings I would walk to the kitchen and get a hot Cup of coffee.


          The question is: Why did you install ePO and for what purpose. Don`t get me wrong but it Looks like to me you did the automatic install and yet you don´t know what to do with ePO. If thats the Kind of fact we´re dealing with I strongly recommend you to read THIS and ask your SecOp for given security reglementations. Most companies have something which is likewise called "Security Policy".

          Within this document all security neccessitys are described like "all Clients muast have a viruscscan" or "Notebooks must have a drive encryption" or something like that, maybe you also must have an IDS-System within your Network...but with NO informations at all it is like asking the Magic bubble what the weather is like in three months ;-)



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            Richard Carpenter



            If you enter your Grant number under the Server Settings menu item you will be able to go to the Software Manager and this will give you an indication which products you are entitled to and can then deploy.




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              Richard Carpenter

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