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    SuperDATs - deployment


      We have many machines that are more than 5 DATs out of date. When i check the machines most of them are running engine 4400. I've checked other posts and most recommend a SUPERDAT deployment.

      I started investigating the existing setup.......

      I have checked the master repository
      Current - SuperDAT - 1.8.0

      I have checked the existing update task and it is ONLY set to update DAT and ENGINE Only.

      But all our clients are performing a DAT update, Engine update AND SuperDAT update.

      See below:

      20080205121320 I #5932 Logging - using empty 1
      20080205121321 i #6668 Script Product(s) running the latest DATs.
      20080205121321 i #5932 Script Verifying EngDet.mcs.
      20080205121321 i #5368 Script Searching available updates for Engine.
      20080205121323 i #6668 Script Product(s) running the latest Engine.
      20080205121323 i #5932 Script Verifying VS710Det.McS.
      20080205121323 i #5368 Script Verifying PatchDet.McS.
      20080205121323 i #6668 Script Verifying RSS100Det.McS.
      20080205121323 i #5932 Script Verifying SuperDATDet.mcs.
      20080205121323 i #5368 Script Searching available updates for SuperDAT.
      20080205121323 i #6668 Script Product(s) running the latest SuperDAT.
      20080205121323 i #5932 Script Verifying VSE850Det.McS.
      20080205121323 i #6668 Script Verifying PatchTmpDet.McS.
      20080205121323 i #5932 Script Verifying SK_det.mcs.

      Am i missing something? By default does ePO automatically check in a SuperDAT?

      Any help would be great, many thanks?

      epo -
      agent -
      VSE 8.0i Patch 11
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          Found out the problem/issue

          The server task is working correctly and only deploying an update and engine.

          A SuperDAT update is only pulled if a client manually requests an update (right click, update now)