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    Total Protection on Windows 8.1 Virtual Machine not Opening


      Hello, community. I'm new here so please be gentle.


      Here's a quick run through of where I'm currently at:


      1. I have VMWare Fusion installed on my Macbook Air (OSX Mavericks) to run a Windows 8.1 image
      2. This is my only available option to run Windows at home as we have no PCs
      3. There are important applications I need for income tax filing that only run on Windows, hence the setup
      4. I initially had the free 1-year McAfee AntiVirus Plus bundled with VMWare installed in the image for protection
      5. Used AV Plus for a year without any issues
      6. My AV subscription expired last 7/8/2015
      7. As a replacement, I installed the free McAfee Total Protection subscription I got from a McAfee-sponsored event (i.e. Retail Card)


      Here's my problem:


      1. The last time I have seen Total Protection open and running was when I had installed it (August 2015?)
      2. I recently just notice (i.e. last weekend) that it takes a long while for the "M" shield to show up on the taskbar after booting up the Windows 8.1 image
      3. Double-clicking on the "M" shield (when it finally appears) does NOT open/show the Total Protection Console, even after several tries and "waiting it out"
      4. Windows Action Center does NOT detect McAfee under Virus Protection (says it's turned off and asks me to turn on Windows Defender instead)
      5. My McAfee Consumer Profile says that I have Total Protection installed on one device but it "needs to be online to get the latest protection updates" (even when the "M" is present in the taskbar)
      6. My Subscriptions tab, however, says that 0 out of the 3 licenses I have is currently in use.


      Has anybody experienced this issue before? Can you so very kindly point me to a solution please? Is this even a McAfee problem or is it a VMWare Fusion issue? I'm afraid to continue using the Windows image unprotected but I will need to use those Tax Filing applications again in the next few days.


      Hope somebody can help shed some light on this. Thanks in advance!