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    McAfee as a malware




      A McAfee agent has install itself on my computer and I can't get rid of it. I try the McAfee removal tool which fail and didn't even give me a log. McAfee team - find the way to uninstall this malware. 

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          can you give us more details - what exactly has installed itself on your computer? A screen shot, file name etc? 


          There's lots of malware which claims to be legitimate security software - it might be that you've caught something like that.

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            Peter M

            It may be McAfee Security Scan Plus which is installed along with just about any Adobe product, and some others, as an optional extra..... unless you uncheck that option.

            It helps keep some of those products free of charge with cross-advertising.

            That is easily uninstalled via  Control Panel > Programs and Features, or Add/Remove Programs, depending on your system.

            If it's that, it is NOT malware.