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    Failed to authenticate with remote system. EPO 4.0 (build:1015)


      Can some one tell me what i am doing wrong...
      I am trying to Deploy Agents on a workstation
      but it giving me in server Task log details this status: Failed
      when i go in the details Failed: Push agent to %name workstation%

      ERROR Failed to authenticate with remote system, system error: The network path was not found.

      From the server i can ping the workstation by name... From the Ad can mange the workstation can stop or start service's on the workstation. i can also connect from the server to the workstation on the c$..

      Server is running w2k3 sp2 r2
      Workstation is running winxp sp2 (firewall is turn off)

      i select when i deploy mcafee agent
      ePO Angent 3.6.0 (Current)
      try with check Force installation over existing version.
      and also the same when i check install only on system that do not already have an agent managed by this ePO server.
      Program files\mcafee\common framework
      Credentials for agent
      Try Domain Administrator, and other account but non is working

      Can Some on give me some tip's ???


      Gr johan
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