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    Exclusion issue in VSEL


      we have made an exclusion for jar file extensions as descripted in the best practices of VSEL 1.9.0

      the exclusion was made als follows :    .*.jar or /.*.jar or .*.jar$ or /.*.jar$

      we tried following example files to test it


      test.jar  -  not scanned - exclusion works

      test.jar.jar - not scanned - exclusion works

      test.jarme - file scanned

      testjar - not scanned


      it seems that last file was not scanned  , we would assume that the file had to be scanned.

      Something wrong with our exclusion syntax ?


      does anyone experience also problems ?

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          McAfee novice here, so I may be completely wrong!  McAfee's regular expressions are really confusing: different rules apply to them, depending on whether you're specifying them on the ePO or on the client.  It looks as though you're trying to apply the ePO syntax, because you're not escaping the literal "." characters, but the documentation states that all patterns defined on the ePO must begin with a "/" - if you're defining these on the ePO, the lack of that initial character may be confusing it. 


          If you're defining the exclusions on the client, you need to apply the normal regex syntax, ".*\.jar", etc.  Otherwise your unescaped "." characters WILL match the second "t" in "testjar".


          I've taken this information from page 46 of the VSEL 1.9 Product Guide.