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    Using UpgradeCompatibility.exe but installation runs as new install, not upgrade


      I'm currently attempting to migrate from 4.6.9 on Windows 2003 to 5.3.1 on Windows 2012 R2.  I've successfully run the Upgrade Compatibility tool on both the source and target, but when I run the 5.3.1 setup, it wants to perform a new install rather than an upgrade.  I've run through the process a couple of times, and always get the same result.


      Reboots did not solve the issue. 


      One thing I notice is that the Upgrade Compatibility tool places the ePolicy Orchestrator files under c:\program files, but the installer wants to install ePolicy Orchestrator to c:\program files (x86).  Manually copying the files to the x86 location did not resolve the issue.