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    Rogue System Detection broken after 5.3 upgrade


      After upgrading to 5.3, some of my sensors died. Spending two hours trying to fix them (uninstallation, attempted reinstallation, policy changes etc) I gave up and uninstalled RSD and it's extension from my repository. After reinstalling it, the same sensors that were broken before are still broken, but now ALL my systems are showing up as rogues, I'm getting multiple detections for some systems (hundreds overnight) and I'm still unable to reinstall sensors. I've scanned multiple discussions on here and KB articles, none of which have fixed the problem


      I understand that McAfee has treated RSD like a red-headed stepchild for years now (presumably this will only get worse as they try and push into acquiring IPS technology in the future) but if there is a fix, or anyone has any pointers to things I could try, please let me know. I kinda like RSD and have used it extensively over the years



      Environment is:

      Server - 5.3.0 (build 400)

      Agent - and

      Endpoint -

      RSD Version - (sensor and extension)

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