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    Missing Workstation Information

      I have recently installed ePO 4.0 and suitably impressed. I have been able to deploy the agents and scanners sucessfully to over 50 PCs.

      The issue I have is, that a small number of PCs (4 out of 50) have successfully installed the agent (I can use Show Agent Log to see that the installation has been successful and updates are being applied) but the ePO console shows no information for the PC other than the PC name. The Tags column shows "None" and all other columns are blank.

      Any thoughts as to why is occurring? And any fixes?

      Thanks ... AJ
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          Have you tried running the agent console on the client and actually watching the process. You can access this via the run command ""C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\CmdAgent.exe" /s". Also if your pushing the agent, look in the view server events on the EPo server. What may be happening is if you have IP address sorting enabled, EPo has already put a copy in one of your other containers. Try using the query under Queries, Computers, All Connecting Computers. Good Luck
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            I have the same problem as the original poster.

            The error that comes up when doing a 'wake-up' is:

            2008-03-05 10:45:02.97 INFO Waking up agent XXX-XXX using NetBIOS
            2008-03-05 10:45:48.88 ERROR Unknown error contacting agent
            2008-03-05 10:45:48.893 ERROR Wakeup agent failed

            In most cases - turning off windows firewall resolves the matter.

            What files need to be excluded in Windows firewall.

            The odd part, the pc's in the network have the same firewall config..some work - some don't.
            I'm also trying to figure out if there's an issue with running notebooks with an 'alternate IP' config....as Mcafee starts before hte network is detected.


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            I think I figured it out. SOme PC's have legacy Network Associate framework programs running...(I think it's iframexxx?)

            After I did an uninstall and removal of all Mcafee products AND a manually registry clean up(remove all Mcafee and Netowrk Associtates info)....after these are done....I deployed the agent and the app...all seems to work.