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    Upgrading Endpoint Encryption


      Hi guys


      I am looking to upgrade my companies Endpoint Encryption to the latest Drive Encryption I would firstly want to try this out in a test environment so I can make sure I don't kill everyone's machines.


      I have a test laptop and a test branch of the system tree that I can use.


      I was just hoping someone could tell me the best way to do this. If its possible I would really like someone to detail the steps I need to take to upgrade to the latest version, as currently the machines are encrypted so this isn't just a straight first time install.


      Currently the machines are encrypted with Endpoint Encryption for Windows, and they are running Windows 7 SP1.


      I have the admin extension and PC extension installed on our ePO.


      The agent version on the machines is and VSE version is


      Our ePO version is 5.3.1 build 188.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.