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    ePO not reporting Virus scan installed for a MAC


      I am a new ePO administrator and I'm trying to add a MAC server to my ePolicy Orchestrator. ePO was configured before me and works without any issues on the Windows side of things but my issue is with a MAC.

      I was successfully able to install the ePO agent by "Create and download agent installation package" from the ePO server. The MAC's ePO Agent is now reporting in with the correct version of

      I downloaded the latest McAfee Virus Scan for MAC 9.8. I installed it and verified it installed correctly. I ran the flags -c -f -p -e for the cmdagent to get it to report to the ePO server.


      The issue is the MAC shows the virus scan working with all the correct versions, but the ePO server isn't reporting a Virus Scan product version, engine version, or DAT version.

      Am I missing some type of reporting plugin perhaps? Please help as I'm not very good with MACs.