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    Many problems after upgrading from old SaaS Endpoint Protection to version 10.0.1


      A couple weeks back I noticed that one of my customers' McAfee SaaS was still on the version that was current when the computers were installed in early 2014.  Version 6.something, I think.  Current is 10.0.1.


      I upgraded all systems to the current version.  A few I did manually, to work up a procedure.  The rest through a script run by Labtech.  The script looks like this: "\\their_server\install\mcafee\vssetup_x64.exe /ck=<their license key> /reinstall", re-installing over the old.  Upgraded computers show up with the new version in the web console.


      Coincident with that, the customer started to have big problems.  Their managed services (Labtech, managed by us) shuts their workstations (Win 7 Pro, most x64) down (by running "shutdown /h /t 0 /f")  just after midnight.  Post SaaS upgrade, the shutdown hangs.  The employees come in to see computers saying "shutting down", and they have to manually power cycle them.  In addition, their server has, at least 3 times, bogged down so badly that I or they have had to power cycle it to regain control.


      McAfee support, remoted in to both server and a representative station, doesn't see any problem with their product.  But, all our problems started after the upgrade.  Nothing else that I am aware of has changed.


      We've turned off the auto-shutdown.  I'm scouring out McAfee on one station for troubleshooting purposes, and will put something else on for a few days, to see how it behaves.  Unfortunately I don't have an AV version handy that will run on a 2012 server.


      Anyone seen problems like this?