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    Real-Time Scanning: Won't stay on


      Recently the Real-Time Scanning will not stay on, the system lets me toggle it on but switches it back off within 2-3 seconds.  Note that trying to toggle this through the Navigator option does not do anything.

      1. I am running McAfee LiveSafe (most up-to-date version v16 from memory) - updated following issue

      2. I am on Windows 10 - also update following issue

      3. I have run MVT (latest version) which doesn't find anything - I don't think it even recognises that I have McAfee installed.


      Any suggestions on what to do next?


      Is this a known issue?


      I have checked most suggestions on this site, and they all seem to end up with uninstalling / re-installing but none of those seem to confirm if that solves anything (in fact some say it doesn't).


      Any help / advice will be most welcomed.