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    Android: McAfee draining battery.


      I noticed my phone losing charge, and found that McAfee has used 22% of the day's power,  even above the screen which has only used 12%. Thus has been going on for several days but today is theworst . WWhat on earth is happening?

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          Maybe you should change your Real-Time protection

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            Probably best to ask Mobile Support directly as I haven't seen that happening on my Android devices.

            Also they need to know if there are problems.

            It's free of charge.  Mobile Support (alter country at top right if necessary)

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              Ha bloody ha.

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                Now I have it installed on my LG Flex 2 device... and I have no battery draining:)

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                  slwjghwi Well on my Android device the software interface has a battery optimization section.  If your shows the same, then try using it.

                  Prime battery drainers are location services and Bluetooth, see if those are really needed and if not turn them off for starters.

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                    Thanks for the suggestion of contacting Tech Support.  McAfee chat initially assumed I am worried about generic battery drain, but eventually understood. They have arranged for a senior technician to phone me this evening.  I wil report back on what they say.


                    The issue is that it is McAfee itself that is the battery drain.  So far today it has used 19% of the reduction in charge.  I still have 51% left at 4pm, because I have not been using the phone a huge amount today.  The other apps are fine.  Location services and bluetooth are NOT the issue.


                    It never used to feature on the first two pages of battery using apps.  Now it is ALWAYS on the top page, usually second behind Android System. This is on my Nexus 5.  On my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4, McAfee is NOT a major user of battery.


                    I've tried McAfee battery optimiser before.  It messed up several apps and shut my wifi and bluetooth down.  Not great when I want to connect to my car.  It doesn't do anything to prevent itself using battery.  It seemed to be a sledgehammer to crack a nut.  I prefer Greenify, which does an excellent job.

                    2015-11-06 16.21.38.png2015-11-06 16.22.07.png

                    2015-11-06 16.56.07.png

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                      I agree Battery Optimization can have some undesirable effects.  In my case the screen dimmed after only a few seconds.  I don't use it enough to see anything else that would be of concern but I believe you, as you obviously use it much more than I.   It appears you have a handle on what the problem is, finding a solution would be beyond this community other than suggesting 1 of 2 approaches: Technical Support and escalate it as far as it will go, or seek another brand.

                      Sorry I really don't know what else to suggest.

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                        Thanks for thinking about it.  I found another user who had a similar problem in 2014, but no idea if he pursued it - I've asked.


                        I was promised a call from the senior technician between 7pm and 9pm this evening.  At 8:58 I got a call apologising that they have had technical difficulties, so could they call back at 11pm.  Sorry, I'll be aslepp - she hadn't realised my local time. I agreed to a call back at 10pm; it is now 10:40 and I'm off to bed.


                        The McAfee app is still using battery.  A reboot is in order, maybe a reinstall.   I'm regretting having a 5 year subscription.  Shame as it works pretty seamlessly until now, and still works seamlessly on my Galaxy Tab S.

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                          That's too bad, I'm sure they'll call you.  They're in India so time-zones sometimes get mixed up.

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