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      I keep getting this Virus on my computer and have tried just about everything to get rid of it but it keeps coming back. I have run a full scan but McAfee does not detect it.  Later it will surface again and asks me to reboot to remove. Any help would be great


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                      Please try following these Guidelines/Instructions; What To Do When McAfee Detects Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & Appeal

            Quite possibly it continues to be detected each time you access it, and will do so until Analyzed/Whitelisted.


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                            I might add also, when submitted successfully. You should receive a confirmation back from McAfee Labs. Associated with that will be a (Analysis ID #) Due to the huge volume of detections on a daily basis. Please allow 3-4 business days to be Analyzed/Processed.


                             If not resolved by then, kindly post back the (Analysis ID #) and I/We can contact someone from McAfee Labs on your behalf to expedite your case.

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              Sorry, Man I have tried every thing to get you to look at this issues and all I seem to get is more links to look at

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                                      You stated:

                "I keep getting this Virus on my computer and have tried just about everything to get rid of it but it keeps coming back. I have run a full scan but McAfee does not detect it.  Later it will surface again and asks me to reboot to remove. Any help would be great"




                                     I could offer/suggest other Superb Anti-Malware Applications to run (Free). However, if accessed by you it will only be detected again. I noticed in your 'Screen Capture' it was quarantined (C:\Windows\PE_Rom.dll). Which dates back as far as 2013 from searches I have done.


                                     While I understand one can become frustrated, especially in today's computing. I could have easily directed you to Technical Support, whom would then direct you to the (Paid) McAfee Virus Removal Service. Having said this, the suggestions I gave was in your best interest,especially financially speaking.


                                      I will be more than glad to furnish you the (Link) to McAfee Virus Removal Service.


                                      However please try the suggestions I gave.


                                      McAfee Virus Removal Service - Remove viruses, trojans, malware from your PC | McAfee


                                      There are also Specialists/Experts to contact with-in this Link;

                                      Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


                All the very Best,


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                  Well since I just built this computer only a few months ago, not sure why a file from 3103 would be there but by now I would think you all had a fix.  I will not pay since I have already done that with McAfee. What do you suggest on getting rid of this virus? So far you been pretty cool about this issue

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                    Since it has been detected as (Artemis!) it could be a False Positive. Submitting to McAfee Labs as I have suggested, will go a long way in determining if the file is indeed Malicious/or not. Hence they can Whitelist the File/Program if indeed it is a false positive.


                    Also you can during the interim, run Malwarebytes (Free) for a second opinion. You could have easily inadvertently installed a (PUP) Potentially Unwanted Program.Trust me it happens....

                    To keep Malwarebytes (Free) do not accept the Free Trial/or activate the Paid Version.


                    (Note) To obtain Malwarebytes (Free) you can use the last link I inserted in Post # 9.


                    Please make certain you are current and up to date with all Windows Updates and Add-ons. To include Internet Explorer as McAfee and other vital programs require so.




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                      It has been a long day, up since 5:00 am (EST) so calling it a night. Should you need further assistance, Either one of my Colleagues may add to the discussion or I can assist you more tomorrow.


                      All the best,


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                        What you may not realize is we mods are users like you and cannot tell McAfee what to do we only suggest a path to follow from our experience.


                        You should disable real time scanner and go to the quarantine link ie navigation and quarantined and trusted items and restore the file noting where it resided. Then follow the submission  method Cd posted and the false detection if it is a false detection will be fixed in 3-4 days.


                        That said a google search of the file name implies it is falsely detected by other AVs so this submission method is the best way to go. I think the file is an asus file, have you got an asus motherboard?


                        If no fix in that time post back with the analysis ID number you got in the reply to your submission and we will escalate it.


                        Oh re-enable real time scanner after submitting the file

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                          I was just going to add the bit about ASUS as an almost identical case appears unsolved over at the Norton Community started months ago.


                          Yes, follow Peacekeeper and Catdaddy's advice.

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