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    Error 0x80040E14


      Hi all,


      I was wondering if anyone could help me with this issue.


      I have got a customer that is getting the following error in his server.log file


      20151028193012I#04104NAIMSERVePolicy Orchestrator server started.
      20151028193012X#04104MOD_EPOSet SPIPE input package size limit to 10485760 bytes
      20151028193012X#04104MOD_EPOREPOUsing 250 worker threads, 6 busy threads
      20151028193012X#04104MOD_EPOREPONailog initialized
      20151028193012I#04104MOD_EPOREPODatabase initialization: Starting.
      20151028193012I#04104MFEFIPSLoading: "D:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator", Role = Officer, Mode = Normal
      20151028193012I#04104MFEFIPSModule Initialized.
      20151028193012I#04104MFEFIPSMFEFIPS_Status() returned 1
      20151028193012I#04104MOD_EPOREPODatabase initialization: Succeeded.
      20151028193012E#05960EPODAL ePOData_Connection.cpp(872): COM Error 0x80040E14, source=Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, desc=The target table 'EPOAgentHandlerNotify' of the DML statement cannot have any enabled triggers if the statement contains an OUTPUT clause without INTO clause., msg=IDispatch error #3092


      The symptoms is that when he starts to deploy any task it will suddenly stop  and the only way to resolve this issue is to restart his apache service, the version of ePolicy orchestrator he is using is 5.1.1


      Does anyone have any idea what this could be?


      Thanks inadvance


      Charles Latty