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    Sitestat.xml error

      I have jst moved our EPO server to a new box. (EPO 4.0 ON WIN2K3 R2). The DB is on a serperate server.

      I have tryed tp update the client using the update now in VSE(8.5P4), but i get these errors on my client agent log:
      28 January 2008 12:20:01 Info Script Checking update packages from repository McAfeeHttp.
      28 January 2008 12:20:08 Error Internet Manager Error downloading file \SiteStat.xml, naInet GetLastError() = 0
      28 January 2008 12:20:08 Info Script Error occurred while downloading file SiteStat.xml.
      28 January 2008 12:20:08 Info Script Unable to find a valid repository.

      I dont know why its trying to update from McAfeeHttp, as it should be updateing from my EPO box, (maybe its because it cant find it?)

      Connectivity from the server to clinets is all ok

      I have sent an agent install from my new server but this doesnt help.

      Any help would be grand

      Many thanks
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          We were also getting this error when testing EPO 4.0 on a test server. I noticed that the reason was due to the Windows 2003 firewall. With EPO 4.0 the path to the apache.exe has changed location. Changing the firewall to reflect the new location for apache.exe fixed my issue that you are describing.

          Below is what we did:

          On server firewall you need to add the new path the apache.exe. It is now under the following path:

          C:\program files\mcafee\epolicy orchestrator\apache2\bin\apache.exe

          Hope this helps.
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            Thanks for your quick reply.

            The firewall for this server is switched off and the service is not running.
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              I didnt mention in my original post that i cant edit any of my Policys, so i raised a call with McAfee and apprantly there is a known issue with this. It releates to how many Distributed Repositories you have, we have over 200 up and down the UK.