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    Migration Away From Java Console?


      As I'm sure we've all read, Mozilla will be removing support for traditional Java from FireFox next year. Coupled with the removal of support from Chrome and never being included with Edge, this leaves the now aging Internet Explorer 11 as the lone mainstream browser that will support Java (and thus the MWG Console) fairly soon. Are there any plans or initiatives in place to either offer a web based HTML5 console, utilize Java Web Start or offer a completely stand alone wrapped Java Applet to mitigate this? Pressure will likely begin to mount on MS to remove support for Java from IE11 as well (since it will now inherently be the least secure browser around). This day would likely be a year or two away, but it would be very helpful with planning for the future. Before this announcement by Mozilla we had been debating the inclusion of IE on Windows 10 systems at all for reasons like this.