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    Custom Compliance


      1. I have several boolean pie charts that define the minimum acceptable product version for each Operating System (one query per operating system).

      2. I have a server task the runs these queries with a sub action to apply a tag (called modcomp) to the compliant systems

      3. I then have another boolean pie chart that uses the presence of that tag and its compliance criteria

      4. This query is on a dashboard (install compliance monitor)


      The issue that I have is that the install compliance monitor on the dashboard is displaying compliant systems as non-compliant because they do not have modcomp tag.  If I take one of these systems and check the results of the query for its OS I see it as a compliant system.  It looks like for some reason the server task is not tagging all compliant systems with the modcomp tag.


      Has anyone experienced something like this before?