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    Interpreting OnAccessScanLog.txt


      Our infrastructure support is out-sourced, we have VirusScan Enterprise  A user recently had an AV message pop up after opening a Word .docx email attachment, I was asked to have a look.  I grabbed the OnAccess log file and sure enough the last entry referred to Artemis.  Capture.JPG

      I wasn't sure exactly what action had been taken?  I am assuming that the offending trojan and the word docx that contained it were both deleted and no harm done but want to be sure.


      Also - and apologies if I seem real dumb - would like to know what all the Generic.Tra!  entries mean.  I notice in the whole log that these appear regularly and change from time to time and that each 'block' of entries appears to truncate after 1023 characters.  I think it's a list of all the virus signatures contained in the Extra.DAT file which (if I read right) changes over time and persists for about 30 days for the Artemis trojan, and the list gets truncated in the log. But it doesn't mean that there is an ongoing problem with these virus names on that user machine


      If anyone can shed any light on this I'd be very grateful