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    Whitelisting the software in McAfee AV to prevent False Positives


      Hi All,


      My question is about 'Whitelisting a SoftWare in McAfee AV', in order to prevent False Positives.


      We have a Computer & Mobile device management software. It is based on Client-Server model architecture which needs a centralized server to be installed in a computer and its agents to be installed in all the managed devices/computers. Our customers experienced some issues with the functioning of the product and creating exclusion from the AV solved those issues. This AV interruption to our product causes significant amount of Support Load. So, it will be effective for us if the software could be whitelisted in the McAfee AV itslef, so that we need not educate and assist our customers regarding the AV interruption and would certainly reduce our support load. My questions are,


      1. Both the Server and Client has multiple executables(*.exe) which run in the computers based on the features. So do we need to white-list all these executables? (around 35-40 *.exe)


      2. We release updates for the product every week. So, do we have to raise the whitelisting request whenever we release the updates?


      3. We have Apache, Java and Pgsql bundled in our product. Will AV interrupt their functioning too? What would be your suggestion to eliminate the interruption?


      4. Do we have a one-stop solution for our requirement?