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    Installing VSE 8.5 without the Outlook plugin?

      We have a new ePO 4.0 environment and we're trying to find out if there is a way to push VSE 8.5 without the Outlook plugin. We scan mail via appliance, as well as at the Exchange server and people don't like the performance issues with the Outlook plugin even though our policies are set to make it not really do anything.

      Just wondering if anyone knows how to do this, or if there is a KB article that I could check out. Thanks in advance.
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          I too am having a similar issue. We are getting a DLL error, and if we go in manually in outlook, and uncheck the plugin, we are good. But we have over 5000 workstations, and that's alot of unchecking there. Is there a quick way or a place in the policies to change this choice? Thanks.
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            I called into McAfee support to inquire about this and they said the only way to accomplish a VSE push without the Outlook plugin is to use McAfee Installation Designer and create a custom package. If you have the TOPS deal, you can download it from the download section of their site. The documentation is pretty crappy, so I'm trying to fumble my way through this.
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              Well, that doesn't help us who already pushed it out. I wish I would have saw this problem earlier. I just figured there was something in the Policy I could change. Maybe I will try to make a new package and repush it, but that usually takes a few days to fully push out.
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                Well there's no magic wand for your situation, but like you said: creating a new package and pushing it out will hopefully get you where you want to be.

                I'm having issues with the Installation Designer where it's asking for a source package - I have no idea what they're looking for here. Have you messed around with this utility at all?
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                  No, I haven't even heard of it. I will look into it today and let you know what I find. Thanks for pointing me in that direction though.
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                    Not a problem - I'll keep you posted if I figure out what the hell I'm doing with this utility. I have to knock a few things out, but once I do I will probably just end up calling support to have them point me in the right direction. I'm somewhat new to the McAfee environment so I'm probably just missing something somewhat obvious.

                    If you figure it out, holler back and maybe we can compare notes.
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                      Don't feel bad, I am new too, I am always asking stupid questions. This one is a good one, and if I can figure it out, I am making up a document for future refernce. I do have to check to see if I can get that program. Our Company is very restricting on software so I don't have access to our accound with Mcafee. I will let you know what I find out though.
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                        ok, I installed the installation package creater, and made a new package for 8.5. There was a setting in there right near the beginning that had all the different parts you could install.... or could choose to not install. I just pushed it out, so I will let you know how it goes.

                        There weird part is, after I checked it in, it only showed up as a language pack in my repository. I tried to recreate a package again, and check it in. Same thing. But I can still set it to install VS8.5 in my tasks.... so agian, I will let you know what happens.

                        Has any one else successfully created a package?
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                          I called in and got them to help me out. I created a package, everything works great - there's only one catch: the new package I made didn't retroactively remove the Outlook plugin when I pushed to machines that already existed in the McAfee environment. So I had to run an uninstall task and then push my new package.

                          Couple of points to note:
                          1) The support lady that I spoke with said that I needed to delete the previous VSE entries from the repository and then check in this new package. If you didn't do this, it might explain why you're having problems.

                          2) When I tried to push to the pre-existing machines in the environment, the task that I had created (which was set to IMMEDIATELY in the scheduling options) refused to run. I had to edit the task, switch it to another schedule, save it, wake up the clients, then change the schedule of the task back to IMMEDIATELY and re-awake the clients and everything fired off perfectly.

                          3) If you, or anyone else reading this, want to call into support and reference the case that I made, the number is 1-374225314.

                          Keep me posted on your situation. I know you had said you already have about 5000 clients to deal with, so I imagine this is going to be a painful conversion for you. Best of luck to ya!
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