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    Duplicate Entries in ePO


      I am resurrecting an old thread because the issue does not seem to be resolved.  I have searched in several locations and have been unsuccessful in finding a solution.  Here is the old thread:  ePO duplicate entry creation.


      In my environment we have two scenarios causing duplicate entries in ePO, one in the proper OU location through AD sync and the other appears in Lost & Found.  The entries in Lost & Found are the ones that are currently communicating with ePO.


      Scenario 1

           Server or workstation are built and communicate properly.

           For operational reasons hard drives are migrated to a different piece of hardware, which result in a MAC Address change.  The Agent GUID does not change.

           Now two machines are in ePO.  The Lost & Found entry communicates and due to the policy here Pre-boot users are removed and the system begins to decrypt.


      Scenario 2

           Server or workstation are built and communicate properly.

           The client System Partition needs to be recovered using DPM.  This is accomplished through either Bare Metal Recovery or System State.    

           Once recovered the system possibly has a new MAC Address, but the Agent GUID is the same.

           Two machine entries are in ePO.  Leading to the same result as in the first scenario


      Any insight is greatly appreciated.