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    Deploy ePO agent...

      I am new to ePO server and I am having some problems automatically deploying the agents.
      I can manually deploy them through the console or via the framepkg.exe, but I want my machines to get the agent installed automatically.

      I tried creating a 'Client Tasks' targeting the group where my computers are located. I chose 'Product Deployment (McAfee Agent)' and 'ePO Agent 3.6.0'.

      This doesn't seem to have any effect on machines that don't already have the agent installed. In the logs of machines that have the agent installed (manually) I can see that the task is run...

      Is this procedure not correct? How do you deploy agents?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Do the machines in question have a firewall enabled? Even the XP firewall will block the agent push.
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            No, the XP firewall is disabled...
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              There should already be a "deployment" task in the task payne for you're directory.

              Can you make sure it's enabled in all the right places and that the "Setting" section are correct.

              Another option you could try is deploy a rogue sensor in the section where the machine in question are, set it to automatically push an agent to machines it discovers. However, if the "Deployment" task is set up correctly it should work.
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                There are no tasks besides the ones I have made myself. The deployment-task I have made has the following settings:

                Type: Product Deployment (McAfee Agent)
                Product and components: ePO Agent 3.6.0, Install, English
                Options: Run at every policy enforcement (Windows only) is enabled
                Schedule status: enabled
                Schedule type: daily
                Daily: Every 1 days
                • 5. Same here
                  I seem to have the same problem.
                  Only manual deployment works.

                  I can see deployment credentials in the AD domain synchronization (Group config), but nowhere else ?
                  Perhaps this is only meant to work with AD discovery ?

                  Afterall, there are no "IP range scan" to import machines.
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                    The deployment task in ePO only works on systems where an active ePO agent is installed that already connects to your ePO server. All client tasks in ePO (including deployment) are pushed to clients trough the ePO Agent. Therefore you cannot automaticly push an ePO agent from the ePO server when no agent is already installed on you clients.

                    You can create an framepkg.exe that contains the ePO agent and all settings for your ePO server. you will have to deploy this package manually of use an deployment tool like SMS, Altiris, AD etc. You can also manually deploy agents from ePO but you will only hit the clients that are active on your network at that moment. Also, to remotely install the ePO agent from the ePO server, the ePO sevrer will need admin rights to the admin$ share on the systems you are pushing the agent to.

                    Hope this helps you a bit.

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                      Hi robaht.

                      Actually, automatic deployments DOES work when done during AD synchronization.
                      It works as designed, and is also documentet in the help.

                      It works on a totally new computer with no agent or other mcafee stuff on.
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                        Hi Mark,

                        Is that in 3.6?
                        I've never seen this ability in 3.6 or lower. If that's the case I'll take a look at it. always good to learn something new :)

                        If it's in 4.0. I really have to get going with that version but I have some other projects at the moment that need more attention then 4.0

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                          Yes this is true, but ONLY if the discovery is run when the client is 'ready' to receive the agent. If the machine is discovered without being turned on it never gets the agent installed.
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