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    Booting stuck in Bios Utility Screen


      I have an HP 2010 desk top computer running Windows 7 64 bit. At first I was just having problems with getting windows updates to download and install. Then my computer started shutting itself off and restarting. It had done that before  - an aggravation, but bearable. But now it was going to the Bios Setup Utility screen and getting stuck there. So, I took it in to have someone look at it. Naturally, he plugged it in and it booted just fine :/   I brought it home and it worked for about 5 days. During that time I was able to find some help online and got it to download and install some updates. Then the shutting down and rebooting to the Bios screen started again. Looking online again, I found some help in starting the computer in safe mode. But, pushing the F8 key wasn't working. But I kept trying over and over. Finally it started in safe mode. A relief, but how to fix the problem? After trying a couple of things - I can't even remember what they were - I let it restart and wound up right back on the Bios screen. Again I tried multiple times to get it to open in safe mode again. After several attempts, it finally worked again. This time I went to my error files to see when the trouble started. I narrowed the shutting itself down and not rebooting down to early to mid September. Then I looked to see what apps or events might have been added around that time to see about fixing it.When I tried to look at an OutLook error, the computer froze and took me out of the window. On  the 16th, an app, Apple Inc. was added to my computer. The only Apple app I use is iTunes. I was able to find a recovery point in September that preceded the crashes. It took a long time to recover and restart. I walked away from the PC, so if there was a "failed" message before it started to reboot, I didn't see it. I only know that it got stuck on that Bios screen again. I turned the computer off and walked away from it. About a couple of hours later I noticed it was on and frozen on the Bios screen. It apparently booted itself! I have McAfee's  Internet Security Suite with Site Advisor. And it supposedly was up to date. Could this be Malware that got past it somehow?? Is there something I can download to a CD on my other computer and put it in the screwed up one to fix it if it's Malware or a virus?? Any suggestions? Otherwise I will have to take it back to the computer tech at Staples where I bought it.         

      Thank you!