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    1-2 Minute delay in picking up active proxy when connecting back to our corporate wireless.


      Hi All,


      This is my first post on the forums.


      I currently have a situation at work where when a user for whatever reason disconnects and reconnects from the corporate wireless it takes them a good minute or two before they can browse to external websites. They can browse to internal websites fine i.e. Corporate intranet.


      I have checked HKLM --> SOFTWARE --> McAfee --> MCP --> About for the Active Proxy after connecting back to the wireless and I have to refresh for about 1-2 Minutes before it shows the correct proxy and that's when I can browse out.


      Currently our LAN settings have it so it automatically detects the settings. I've found when I manually type in the McAfee proxy settings manually it works right away which leads me to believe it could be something with the client itself. We are currently on MCP


      Has anyone experienced a similar occurrence or provide guidance on troubleshooting that would be much appreciated.


      Thanks and Regards