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    Mcafee Internet Security constantly updates



      I have been searching but not finding a related thread on this question.  My Internet Security wants to constantly look for updates.  This happens even when I have "Notify me when updates are available."  It still wants to spin down in task bar.  This happened on my Win 7 machine and after upgrading to Win 10 with a fresh Mcafee install it continues to happen.



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          Peter M

          Moved this to Consumer > General disucssions where you will see a few other threads on the same problem.

          Could you open the software and click About and then post the information shown for SecurityCenter please?

          There is a patch for this constant or "phantom" updating that is being issued as we speak.  It's going out slowly to all customers.

          Those who obtain their software through 3rd parties will see it last as those 3rd parties often sit on patches while they test them for whatever reasons beyond McAfee's control unfortunately.

          Here's a picture of mine, I get it through my ISP.  As you can see the engine is v 14.0.4121.  When that shows v14.0.5084 that will mean you have the patch and hopefully the situation will have improved.