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    True Key not shown in Firefox


      Up until a few months ago, Safekey worked great in Firefox.  Then, one day it was no longer there.  It was still present and working in IE, though I didn't check Chrome as I use that browser the least by far.  Not a life or death situation -- just very irritating


      Received an E-mail about True Key, and updated my Safekey to True Key.  Part of the installation process had me identify which browsers I wanted True Key to be added to.  Edge was listed (but, of course, it doesn't support plugins (which was indicated)), as were IE and Chrome, but no Firefox.


      In a thread on a Mozilla forum, the OP ended with "after a four hour slog, mcafee tech guys got it working but it was a struggle."


      I am on Windows 10, and Firefox is v41.0.2.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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