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    Does McAfee having problem with protecting our computers ?


      Sometimes I visit independent labs which tests antivirusproducts. Tonight I looked at AV-comperatives september real world testresults. It was not a pleasant visit. In the test McAfee placed itself at number 18 out of 20 participating vendors. I have newer seen that McAfee has had such a bad result before. It scored worse than the built in protection that windows offers. Is this what we pay for ? Either there were something wrong with the test procedure (which I doubt) or McAfee having big problems !  I do expect that a program that I pay for to protect my computer will do a better job than microsofts . I mean even microsoft recommends users to install another product than it´s own. But if McAfee repeats the result of this test it seems to be of no use.AV-Comparatives - Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software - Real World Protection Test Overview You can watch the test result by following the link.