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    Is 'spinning' McAfee taskbar icon problem close to being solved??



      I have been following the McAfee 'Taskbar Icon spinning problem' for the last several weeks (icon spinning like it is trying to update but nothing happens until I actually click on it).  I am just curious if any progress has been made to solve it.

      I have been reading where a fix is out for the Beta programs and in some areas of the world.  However, by the looks of my computer the problem still remains in Central Pennsylvania.

      I am using McAfee All Access - Internet Security and have been since I purchased it with my Windstream subscription in January of this year.

      My question is who should I contact about this problem -- Windstream or McAfee?  I am just finding it hard to believe that a company the size of McAfee is having such a hard time rolling out a complete fix for all subscribers -- not just a few areas of the world!

      I know everyone is saying I am still safe but a small flag of danger pops up in my mind when something like this 'spinning update icon' seems to take so long to solve for everybody.

      Thanks and regards,



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