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    Reports scheduled and emailed?


      I know how to run reports manually but there are certain reports that I now have to email out. Is there a way for EPO to run the following reports and automatically email them to me?

      - DAT Deployment status based on the DAT version of Wednesday
      - Engine version report
      - Product protection summary filtered to all server version of virusscan to get the number of servers

      Thanks in advance. If there is no automatic way to do this I can do it manually just seems like there should be. I tried looking around the online help and the help in the product but didnt find anything helpful.
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          This is only possible with epo 4. There you can create a server task to run the query and e-mail it afterwards.
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            Hi Guys,


            I know this is an old post but my question is relevant.
            We want to e-mail reports in HTML to our sharepoint server so it can extrapolate the data and make it available on a web portal, however when the reports are e-mailed out, as you're probably aware, the e-mail with the HTML data in the body, is actually e-mailed out as an attachment on another e-mail.


            Is there a way to change this setting at all?


            Cheers for your help in advance chaps.